BRG Horsemanship

My Vision

To be an equine industry leader and a highly respected source of practical, attainable and exceptional horsemanship education.

My Mission

To build lasting partnerships with a foundation of love, language and leadership.

My Values

At BRG Horsemanship we build rapport from the ground up. We accomplish this by cultivating a community of love, trust, willingness, respect, dignity, joy, faith, hope, creativity and excellence.

* * *

BRG Horsemanship, formerly known as Island Natural Horsemanship, was started in the Spring of 2012 by Brooklyn Rae who is a fully insured mobile instructor available to help horse lovers develop and strengthen their horsemanship skills. She is CHA Certified with her Level 3 English (jumping included) and Level 2 Western.

Brooklyn Rae focuses on blending Horsemanship with Classical riding for all disciplines. Her greatest desire is for each student to develop a relationship with their horse that is based on love, language & leadership. While also lavishing in the joy and excitement of harmony with these incredible animals. She is passionate about equipping you and your horse with the tools to effectively communicate with each other so that you end up with a mutually beneficial relationship.

You will find that Brooklyn Rae takes a very well rounded approach to both horse and rider in each of her individualized training sessions. As horsemen & women we must learn to understand the psychology behind a horse’s behaviour.  In the words of Pat Parelli ~ “If all I did was teach you to think like a horse and truly understand their psychology, you’d have the keys to be able to do whatever you want with horses, and to win their hearts.”

As horsemen & women we must also learn to listen. “Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That’s the problem.” ~ A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

As riders we must learn to develop an independent seat and be responsible for ourselves. This awareness and physical strength developed over time allows our horses to maintain Rhythm, Relaxation, Connection, Impulsion, Straightness & eventually Collection. Brooklyn is passionate about these responsibilities and is excited to help you improve your own balance while becoming more aware of your body and how it affects the horse, both from the ground and the saddle.

In her training sessions Brooklyn Rae follows the Pyramid of Training. Regardless of whether you ride in an English or Western saddle (or perhaps no saddle) the Pyramid of Training is a solid foundation for you and your horse.

With over 20 years of equine experience under her belt Brooklyn Rae has an array of knowledge to teach from. She has taken part in Pony Club, 4-H, Hunter/Jumper ‘A’ Circuit Series, Hack Shows, Western Pleasure Riding, Trail Riding & Trail Classes, Dressage & Natural Horsemanship. Her greatest teachers include and are not limited to: Pat & Linda Parelli, Karen Rohlf, Walter Zettl, Claire Aasen, Marion Weisskopff, Kristina Millar and Doug Mills along with the many horses that have taught her along the way.

* * *