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Equinety Horse XL

Equinety Horse XL is an all natural amino acid stack formula specifically designed to enhance the life of your horse. Faster recovery and stamina, more focused, soft tissue repair as well as strengthening your horse’s bones, collagen and muscles to improving your horses natural immune system. Equinety helps the body to heal from the inside out! 100% Safe and Non-Testable!

Equinety XL 600g tub (100 to 115 Servings) – $104.99 CAD plus shipping

There are no negative side effects from adding Equinety to your existing supplements/medications.

Equinety is 100% pure amino acids… There are no fillers, no sugars, no starches and NO Loading dose!

Equinety gives the body what it needs to help heal at a cellular level. When the cells can operate at a healthy level there are SO many benefits that come along with that and you then have a healthy happy horse!

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and horses (and all mammals) need them to survive. The body takes the amino acids and turns them into the necessary proteins it needs to help heal at a cellular level. This could be a softer, shinier coat, more muscle, faster recovery, stronger hooves etc etc etc. Whatever the body needs and where it needs it to help make a well balanced horse!

Formulated back in 1998 as an anti-aging “Youth Formula” for the 50+ crowd, by a British, Cambridge and Harvard educated Canadian family physician, Dr. Philip White. Then in 2006, a second label was put on the product and is now in all of Major League Baseball and Olympic athletes take the product… In 2014, we put it in a tub for horses and call it Equinety. In 2016, Equinety was the “Preferred” Horse Supplement for Equine Canada!

SO, what makes Equinety different than other products on the market? ONE is the particular combination of amino acids and how much of each one to make up the “stack”. SECOND, instead of targeting a specific area such as joints, coat, gut, hooves, attitude, recovery etc, it’s targeting the pituitary gland. THIRD, using free form crystalline amino acids which “tickle” the anterior pituitary gland, which releases the necessary hormones the body needs to help repair itself at a cellular level. With all that said, Equinety gives the body what it needs to help heal itself from a cellular level and balances the horse from the inside out!

Interested in reading more testimonials? Hear from professionals and amateurs alike, including before and after pictures and videos on Equinety’s WebsiteFacebook pageInstagram or Twitter.

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BioEquine & BioFlex

Our favourite supplements and our horses agree! Horses that have a healthy digestive tract can be faster, stronger & calmer. BioEquine contains balanced vitamins and minerals, micro-encapsulated stabilized probiotics that stimulates digestions, is a gut cleanser, a natural horse wormer, helps prevent colic, contributes to a beautiful coat, and has no fillers, sugars or artificial flavours.

For less than $1 a day, your horse can have their total vitamin and mineral needs met, PLUS a high concentration of micro-encapsulated stabilized probiotics.

BioFlex supports and enhances joint function and structures. BioFlex extra strength joint supplement enhances joint function in horses, dogs and cats. It contains four major joint supplements that work synergistically on the joint.

    1. Hyaluronic Acid – helps produce and restore joint fluid.
    1. MSM – an anti-inflammatory
    1. Glucosamine – promotes the growth of cartilage
  1. Chondroitin – an important agent that helps repair cartilage damage.

To place an order please contact Brooklyn at 250.661.7866 OR Click Here to visit BioEquine