Comet, our 6yr old scruffy little pony was plucked off a field in Alberta at age of 3. He came to us with no training. Being new to the horse world, I knew we needed help.
Brooklyn’s name came to us highly recommended, “You have to meet her” said my sister in law. Once we met and discussed Comet, it was apparent that Brooklyn was the “perfect fit”.
Brooklyn had a challenge ahead with this strong willed pony. She built a relationship with Comet based on respect and trust. Her natural ability and talent in understanding and communicating with horses is amazing and inspiring. Throughout the training she has shared with us how to work with Comet and I have learned more than I could have ever imagined.
Comet has become a wonderful pony, always willing to learn and wanting to please. Starting with ground work as a foundation she has brought Comet along so far that he is now ready for our young daughter to learn how to ride him.
As we continue to learn and grow, I am so happy that Brooklyn will guide us in this journey. Thank you so very much Brooklyn, you are an amazing lady!
Walker Family – Central Saanich, British Columbia

As a complete newbie to the equestrian world I was very nervous and intimidated by horses when I started lessons at Island Natural Horsemanship. From the beginning Brooklyn’s passion, knowledge and natural, respectful approach to both student and horse put me at ease. In a relatively short time I have gained far more confidence and skill than I had thought was possible and have had a wonderful experience working with both Brooklyn and Beau.
AF – Central Saanich, British Columbia

I have spent the last year being coached by Brooklyn.   I originally sought her help because my confidence had been shaken and I wasn’t sure whether I would even continue riding.   After my first lesson with her I was so excited to continue on my horse journey!  She has taught me so much – ground work, stable management, horse care – not to mention riding skills.  We’ve done natural horsemanship, dressage, western, bridleless and bareback.   That’s one of the things I love about Brooklyn’s teaching style, she’s open to all kinds of disciplines as long as it’s built on trust and having a good relationship with the horse.  I also really appreciate her patience and calmness.  Being around Brooklyn and her barn is a serene experience that is relaxing and fun.  I have learned so much about reading horses and communicating with them and I owe it all to Brooklyn and her horses.  Thank you Brooklyn!
AW – Nanaimo, British Columbia

I have been lucky enough to work with Brooklyn of Island Natural Horsemanship. I am owned by a 10 year old gelding, Quincy. I have had Quincy since he was 4 months old, but in the last year of working with Brooklyn I have found a new way to communicate with him. This has given us a new level of partnership. When I first met Brooklyn I was looking for help restoring my shaken confidence in working with my dominant horse. Brooklyn has been invaluable for me. She has provided me with the tools that I was in need of. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach. She is smart, kind, and lots of fun to work with. I look forward to each lesson I have with her as I know it will be a blast.
MM – Duncan, British Columbia

I just wanted to say thank you! If it wasn’t for you, I would not be this good with horses. I am confident walking around more then one horse. I know what I want when I’m lunging. And I feel like I know what the horse in front of me needs. I know I’m still new to it all. But I felt the basics come out when I’m like what do I do now… and all of sudden I know. Just thank you Brooklyn! Thank you for your knowledge to help me with my passion!
SP – Monroe, Washington

Hey Brooklyn. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all you’ve taught me. I’m riding a new horse now and have come across some situations that I handled extremely well because of the things I’ve learned from you.
CB – Central Saanich, British Columbia

Thank you for another amazing day; its incredible watching their bond develop and K’s skill and confidence grow. You’re such a great teacher. We feel so blessed to have you as K’s trainer, Brooklyn. We are so happy and feel like we’ve made a new friend too. Such a gift. Thank you for being you!
NB – Victoria, British Columbia

Hey Brooklyn, that was so awesome last week, I can’t thank you enough. The experience was very powerful and loving. You my girl, are amazing, all the way around, you are everything good, and we all love you over here.
LW – Pender Island, British Columbia

Thank you, my best day in a long time. I feel more confident that I am getting it right, after getting your feedback. I know that we have a long way to go and its kind of going to be forever, but I am encouraged, thank you.
LW – Pender Island, British Columbia

So I want to thank you so much for ALL you have given and imparted to me.
You have been instrumental in my transition to horse world again and I am ever grateful and lucky to have worked with you.
TC – Pender Island, British Columbia

Brooklyn has a relaxed friendly style of teaching that makes it a joy to learn. She instinctively knows how to coach me through blocks and frustrations with my horse. Often with a simple change in my body position we see an immediate outcome in an exercise. She has helped me work through the challenge of owning a young horse, build confidence in my partnership with him and reach goals I set for myself.
SW – Central Saanich, British Columbia

Make-Up & Fashion

Just showing my friend the new eye shadow compact…. which I love BTW.
JD – Victoria, British Columbia

Yes, Brooklyn, the top is great! Thank you
A-M.P – Victoria, British Columbia

Hello!!! I am enjoying it! The mascara (3D fibre mascara) is definitely taking a bit to get used to but I’m getting better and loving the look of my lashes!
The rose water is really nice too!
I know it’s not quite legging weather yet, but I’m excited to finally have a good pair of leggings!
KD – Central Saanich, British Columbia

I do need to take my time applying it (3D Fibre Mascara) so I don’t have it all over my face, but it is very effective! I love it all, but the mascara is amazing! I will be telling all my friends about it.
HC – Metchosin, British Columbia

You are truly beautiful inside and out!
NB – Central Saanich, British Columbia

I like the BB cream!
RN – Central Saanich, British Columbia

Love my pants. Wearing them right now. Feels so soft 🙂
HW – Central Saanich, British Columbia

Love them!!! (Cross My Mind Leggings)
KP – Sooke, British Columbia